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Chocolate Candy Equipment is a general heading for a variety of candy equipment specifically associated in the manufacturing and handling of chocolate products. Candy Chocolate equipment can be tempering units, enrobers, refiners, milk chocolate blenders and kounching units for making refiner milk chocolates. Candy Chocolate equipment also includes the molding and bar forming operations for chocolate products with and without inclusions.

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Aasted Candy Chocolate JENSEN 700-2

  • Manufacturer: Aasted
  • Model Number: JENSEN 700-2
  • Frain Number: 5J0870

2019 Aasted Jensen Model 700-2 Book mould depositing line with freeze cone technology, capable of capacities from 200 kg to 1,480 kg per hour – depending on materials and application.
Equipped with
(2) Chocolate feed systems
(2) Super Nova tempering systems
(2) 5,000 KG stainless steel holding tanks
(2) 1,000 KG stainless steel holding tanks
(2) Transfer pumps.
(1) Ganache holding tank with transfer pump.
Jacketed interconnecting piping for all (3) chocolate systems.
Suitable for the production of moulded articles with or without inclusions and designed with low noise driving system, One-shot moulding of centre or solid filled chocolate articles with various ingredients such
as anything from plain milk chocolate, to nougat and fat masses and with the Frozen Cone module, the line makes perfectly shaped cold-pressed shells for pralines, surprise eggs, tablets or any other "shell" product. PLC controller has interactive HMI that enables easy handling and quick visualization of the entire tempering process.

OAD: 2083"L x 506"W

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