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Chocolate Candy Equipment is a general heading for a variety of candy equipment specifically associated in the manufacturing and handling of chocolate products. Candy Chocolate equipment can be tempering units, enrobers, refiners, milk chocolate blenders and kounching units for making refiner milk chocolates. Candy Chocolate equipment also includes the molding and bar forming operations for chocolate products with and without inclusions.

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Chocolate Equipment In Stock

Kreuter Candy Chocolate

  • Manufacturer: Kreuter
  • Model Number:
  • Frain Number: 5F9888C

Vibratory feeder with wire mesh for crumbs into product lanner, currently set for 13 lanes. Last running mini pretzels into an enrobing system.

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Petzholdt – Heidenauer Candy Chocolate PVW150

Petzholdt-Heidenauer Model PVW150, carbon steel, low pressure jacket, chocolate conche mixer with 150 lbs, batch capacity – depending on materials and application. Vessel dimensions: 36" OD; 20" Deep. Equipped with bridge mounted 3 Hp motor drive for spray system, side and bottom scrape surface agitation with 15 Hp bottom motor drive and inner stationary baffles. Full side and bottom low pressure jacket, with (1)1/2" diameter outlet (2) 1/2" diameter side threaded inlets and 3-7/8" diameter front side bottom discharge chute. Control panel with conching and heating push button controls, mass and water temperature heat control dials and chart recorder with (2) speed forward and reverse hand lever controller. Mounted on heavy duty carbon steel base frame.

OAD: 64" L x 57" W x 84" H

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Kreuter Candy Chocolate TMK100

  • Manufacturer: Kreuter
  • Model Number: TMK100
  • Frain Number: 5D7898

Batch style coating system. Features 9" diameter product plate, 15" diameter x 8" deep product basin, two chocolate infeeds (waterfall, faucet) through 9 1/4" diameter mesh screen, three temperature controllers, auto-cleaning control, nozzles open (time set), nozzles close (time set), and 1 1/2" O.D. threaded discharge. Mounted on casters.

OAD: 36"L x 42"W x 54"H

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Klockner Hansel USA Crosio Candy Chocolate

Stainless steel conical, product hold and feed system with product hopper. Hopper dimensions of 31" OD x 32" Deep, has flip up cover with safety grate and top mounted 1 Hp screw style agitation and 3" OD sanitary discharge port to 3 Hp stainless steel centrifugal product feed pump has 3" OD sanitary discharge with on / off switches, vari-speed drive controller and mounted on cart style base frame. Also Features Waukesha Model 30 PD pump. 316 stainless steel twin rotors with O-Ring seals, 200 psi maximum working pressure and capable operating both clockwise, or counter clockwise, with (2) 2" OD, 1-1/2" ID sanitary in / outlet ports with 12" diameter x 17" deep stainless steel product hopper and mounted on (4) leg base.

OAD: 50" L x 30" W x 58" H Holding Tank / Pump
38" L x 15" W x 25" H Waukesha Pump

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