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Tank CS is a general category for all tanks that are fabricated from carbon steel with and without jackets or insulation. CS tanks usually are vertical or horizontal single walled tanks used for inside storage of products and materials.

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Lightnin Tank CS/Other SERIES10

  • Manufacturer: Lightnin
  • Model Number: SERIES10
  • Frain Number: 5G6001

250 Gallon, mild steel, mixing tank. Vessel Dimensions: 42" diameter x 42" deep. Equipped with lift up cover, flat bottom and top mounted 7½ HP lightin mixer with (2) 24" diameter 4 paddle mixing heads. (2) 2" NPT bottom side discharges (1) with 3" ground clearance and (1) at ground level.

Top Fittings:
(1) 4" open vent
(1) 1" NPT

OAD: 44"L x 42"W x 76"H

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