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Tank Reactor GL is a custom line of specialty reactors used in making fine chemical intermediates and pharmaceuticals that require a truly inert environment and Glass Lined reactors fill this bill. Reactor GL tanks are pressure rated for the ability to complete pressure and vacuum reactions as well as have jacketing for controlling and initiating the reactions. Reactor GL tanks are usually heavy-duty, specialty purpose reactors with all product contact parts glass lined and this includes the agitators.

Glass Lined Reactor Equipment In Stock

Pfaudler Robbins Meyers Tank Reactor GL 30 GAL

Pfaudler, 30 Gallon glass lined tank. Features 316 S/S with a MAWP of 25 psi/FV. Equipped with four top inlets of 1½", (2) 4" sight ports and 2" sanitary bottom discharge measuring 14" from floor. Mounted on casters. MODEL PC-20-30-25

Nat’l Brd: 47937

OAD: 38" L x 36" W x 56" H

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Pfaudler Robbins Meyers Tank Reactor GL 300 GAL

Pfaudler, 300-gallon glass lined reactor. Two-piece construction with bolt down head and dished bottom. Vessel dimensions: 48" inside diameter; 46" straight. Retreat curve glass lined impeller. Equipped with (2) 1-1/2" overflows and 12" x 16" oval, spring assisted manway and 2" OD center bottom tri clover connection.

Designed Internal Pressure: 100 psi / FV at 450°F
Minimum Design Internal Temp: -20°F at 100 psi

Design Pressure: 90 psi at 350°F
Design Pressure: 90 psi w/Internal Vacuum
Minimum Design Temp: -20°F at 90 psi

National Board: 45845

IMPORTANT NOTE: Jacket Pressure NOT to Exceed 40 psi when vessel is not full (risks of damaging the glass lining).

OAD: 56" L x 56" W x 120" H

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