Vibratory Machines

Used Vibratory Equipment

A Conveyor Vibratory system uses a pan and a vibratory motor to move product forward due to the vibration of the pan.  Vibratory conveyors are ideal for food-grade applications that require a sanitary and minimal maintenance solution.  Ideal applications include:

  • Parts Orientation
  • Screening
  • Sorting
  • Classifying

Vibratory Equipment In Stock

Key Technology Conveyor Vibratory 412993

276"L x 24"W x 5"H S/S trough style vibratory conveyor discharging at 44"H which travels 262" before making a 45 deg turn then traveling 12" before discharging. Equipped with a 21"W x 4"H in feed lip that can discharge onto a 72"L x 10"W x 6"H vibratory conveyor which is equipped with a 22"L x 10"W grating area with 1/4" diameter holes

OAD: 286" L x 36" W x 27" H

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Commercial Manufacturing Conveyor Vibratory VIBRAGLIDE

  • Manufacturer: Commercial Mfg
  • Model Number: VIBRAGLIDE
  • Frain Number: 5H4307

Commercial, Model Vibra Glide, stainless steel vibratory trough style feed conveyor with product volumes per minute or hour – depending on materials and application. Equipped with an 18" wide x 120" long trough with (2) 4" high internal baffles to help even distribution. Charge end of trough has 5½" deep side walls with a charge height of 55" and discharges with 36" ground clearance. Mounted on heavy duty stainless steel frame with (2) 0.36 HP vibratory motors.

OAD: 125"L x 55"W x 55"H

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Key Technology Conveyor Vibratory 24"W X 208"L

  • Manufacturer: Key Technology
  • Model Number: 24"W X 208"L
  • Frain Number: 5G0200

Key Technology Iso-Flo 208" long x 24" wide x 8" deep, dimpled stainless steel, vibratory conveyor. Equipped with 8" high guide rails, four 7-1/2" long x 6" high side clean out chutes, and a 32" high discharge, manual variable height diverter. Mounted on a stainless steel frame.

OAD: 208" L x 28" W x 38" H

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Meyer Conveyor Vibratory VF11-12-6

  • Manufacturer: Meyer
  • Model Number: VF11-12-6
  • Frain Number: 5G4715

Meyer, Model VibraFlex VF11-12-6, vibratory conveyor. Equipped with 12"W x 198"L stainless steel bed with 5½" high side walls, 8" diameter charge port, 8"diameter discharge chute, 21"discharge height, ¾ HP drive, control panel with on/off switch, stainless steel dust covers.

OAD: 202"L x 29"W x 32"H

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Smalley Conveyor Vibratory EMC2+

  • Manufacturer: Smalley
  • Model Number: EMC2+
  • Frain Number: 5G9912

Smalley, Model EMC2+, stainless steel vibratory feeder. Equipped with a 72"long x 48" wide x 25" deep stainless steel product hopper, 44" wide x 72" long stainless steel bed with 4" high side walls, 68" charge height, product flow control gate, 42" discharge height and a variable frequency MA520 vibratory shaker drive. Mounted on a painted base frame.

OAD: 96"L x 70"W x 85"H

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Smalley Mfg Co Conveyor Vibratory EMC2+

Smalley, Model EMC2+, multi-lane stainless steel vibratory feed system with pounds of product per hour – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Equipped with a 46¼" wide x 74" long bed with 4" high side walls, 50" wide feed throat with a 42" infeed height, (31) 1¼" wide product feed tracks, 12" long screening section with ¼" diameter holes, 6" diameter bottom discharge for seperated product with 12" ground clearance and a 32" vibratory bed discharge height. Control panel has touch pad and e-stop controls. Mounted on (4) leg base frame.

OAD: 75"L x 65"W x 44"H

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LMC Lewis M Carter Manufactori Conveyor Vibratory 1637.6

456"L x 16"W, S/S, vibratory pan conveyor. Has a 452"L x 16"W x 6"H pan split into two 452"L x 7"W x 6"H sections, 3hp drive, and a 48"H discharge. Mounted on a mild steel frame.

OAD: 456"L x 36"W x 56"H

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Triple/S Conveyor Vibratory HDC-8/2.0/LH

  • Manufacturer: Triple/S
  • Model Number: HDC-8/2.0/LH
  • Frain Number: 5E7439

Triple/S, 24" wide x 264" long, Stainless steel vibratory conveyor. Equipped with 22’L x 34"W stainless steel cover with (2) 4"dia inlet ports, and (2) discharges (1) 10"L x 24"W and (1) 10"dia.

OAD: 23’L x 34"W x 26"H

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LMC Lewis M Carter Manufactori Conveyor Vibratory

Vibratory, sizing, separation and feed conveyor system. 228" L x 18" W x 6" D, single deck vibratory conveyor has a 79" L x 36" W x 24" H, S/S, split product feed hopper, and top 144" L x 17 1/2" W x 1 1/2" D, S/S, screw on, removable separation screen with 1" dia product sizing holes and left angled oversize product discharge chute. Remaining product drops down to main conveyor section that has a 8" L x 17" W separation section with 1/4" dia sizing holes and right angled undersize product discharge chute, final good product is discharged on left angled product chute at end of conveyor all with 41" floor clearence, 2 hp motor drive with saftey guarding and is mounted on a heavy duty painted base frame, can be used for uniform large / small / right on product separtation without scalping.

OAD: 228" L x 40" W x 60" H

OAD: 192" L x 60" W x 130" H

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LMC Lewis M Carter Manufactori Conveyor Vibratory 830

420"L x 7-1/2"W vibratory conveyor. Equipped with a 72"L x 7-1/2"W sifting area with 3"H rails, 276"L x 7-1/2"W x 6"H sifted product conveyor which discharges at 40"H through a 7-1/2"W x 5"H discharge port with a 46"H infeed port.

OAD: 420"L x 18"W x 50"H

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