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Form and Fill Gable Top is a machine that erects a gable top container from a blank carton. Form and fill gable top machines heat seals the bottom of the carton, fills the carton with a liquid, and seals the top of the carton. As an example of what form and fill gable tops are capable of, picture a milk carton.

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Cherry Burrell Form & Fill Gable Top QPC12

Stainless Steel Zinc coated, gable top filler rated 50 to 200 cpm, depending on carton and product. Forms, fills and seals coated paperboard gable top cartons. Features bottom up fill, no carton/no fill, temperature controlled cooling system, CIP wit 1hp heat exchanger, twin carton magazines, 3hp vacuum pump.
Currently runs 1/2 pint, pint & quart containers.
Last running in a dairy operation.
OAD: 173"(L) x 91"(W) x 111"(H)

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