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Form and fill thermoform machines form a pocket or depression in flat film. Product is loaded into the pocket automatically or manually, and the pocket is sealed with flat film heat sealed to the film of the pocket.

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Repak / Reiser Form & Fill Thermoform RE20

Repak / Reiser, model RE20, inline, compact, roll-stock, form, fill and seal thermoformer. Rated up to 12 cycles per minute with number of product – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. 440 mm stroke length and a maximum depth of 120mm. Equipped with 460mm web width film, thermoform station, 175" long product load area, top seal section with gas flush, cross cut off knives, rotary sliters, scrap rewind and 15¾" wide discharge conveyor. Control panel has Omron controller with swing arm touch screen HMI. System includes a 25 hp vacuum pump and 1 ton chiller.

OAD: 353"L x 43"W x 77"H

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Multivac Form & Fill Thermoform R5200

  • Manufacturer: Multivac
  • Model Number: R5200
  • Frain Number: 5H1611

Multivac Model R5200, inline, intermittent motion, roll-stock, form, fill and seal thermoformer with cycles and number of product per minute – depending on materials and application. Film width from 320mm to 620mm, with a maximum depth of 130mm and maximum cut-off length of 600mm. (Tooling is a change part required per application). Equipped with 28" long bottom film rolls on 2-1/2" OD cores with top and bottom flexable film forming dies, 112" long product load area with gas flush and stepper top driven dancer bars with 24" long film rolls on 2-1/2" OD cores, top and bottom seal dies with 24" long cross cut knifes and (2) sets of longital rotary sliters. Control panel has PLC controller with swing arm touch pad controls, panel view and start, stop, e-stop push buttons with Bellmark printers and Neslab refrigeration water cooler. Mounted on heavy duty frame with leveling legs.

OAD: 300" L x 48" W x 72" H

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Noack Form & Fill Thermoform N916

  • Manufacturer: Noack
  • Model Number: N916
  • Frain Number: 5H0412

Noack, Model N916, thermoform blister packaging machine. Rated from 10 to 60 cycles per minute – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Maximum foil width: 6¼". Forming area: 5¼" x 5¼". Foil Roll: 8" OD on a 3" core. Blister Material Roll: 24" diameter on a 3" core. Equipped with (3) tracks, vibratory product feeder, brush box, flexible film dispense, 20" long heating plate, 5¼" x 5¼" forming plate, sealing station, perforation station, die cutting station with pick and place removal and waste rewind. Control Panel with touch pad controller and readout has start, stop, and e-stop controls. Mounted on base frame with height adjustable legs.

OAD: 132"L x 60"W x 72"H

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