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Frain Industries can help you with your blister tablet form-fill-seal project no matter how big or small your form-fill-seal needs. Form and Fill Blister Package Tablet are machines which form blisters from a roll of flat film, inserts pills or tablets into the blister, and uses a second roll of flat film to seal the blister.

Blister Package/Tablet Equipment In Stock

Klockner Form & Fill Blister Pkg/Tablet EAS

  • Manufacturer: Klockner
  • Model Number: EAS
  • Frain Number: 5G2100

Klockner Model EAS, automatic, dual lane, blister machine rated from 10 to 90 cycles per minute with number of product – depending on materials and application. Specification: Bottom web 100mm; Top web 98mm; Index of 25mm; Forming depth to15mm. Equipped with a self contained chiller.

Printer available at additional cost.

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Klockner Form & Fill Blister Pkg/Tablet CP-5-5/L

  • Manufacturer: Klockner
  • Model Number: CP-5-5/L
  • Frain Number: 5E9761

Automatic, thermo, f/f/s, capsule / blister packaging machine capable of speeds from 10 – 45 strokes a minute depending on application. Maximum film foil width of 210mm, maximum film foil advance length of 120mm, maximum draw depth of 25mm, maximum bottom film dia of 500mm, and top foil dia of 300mm with 76mm. cores. Roll stock end feed, with pre-heat and thermo forming station, (8" L x 8" W x 1/8" D) S/S vibratory product feed hopper with brush box. (64" L x 7" W) feed track area, top flim web and top film seal station with scrap removeal, control panel with upper / lower pre-heat, and heat sealing, vibratory feed, brush box, vacuum, and cooling controls, with a (40" L x 8" W) rubber product discharge conveyor.Tooling required per appliation.Tooling required per application. Printer available at additional cost.

OAD: 190" L x 50" W x 75" H

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Cam Form & Fill Blister Pkg/Tablet M92ALL

  • Manufacturer: Cam
  • Model Number: M92ALL
  • Frain Number: 5C9221

Automatic Blister former rated to 40 Cycles per minute. Web width: 256mm Forming depth: 12mm Index:180mm. Film gauges from 150 – 400 micron. Gauges from 15 – 30mm. AB SLC 5/04 PLC Equipped with the following optional upgrades: Gotscho 12-10 platen printer, Nimax VD95P tele-camera inspection system. Extended bed to accommodate up to 6 feeders (3 brush box, three dedicated). electric machine pitch adjustment with display, base material splice table, 6 product pre-feed hoppers, lidding material splice detection with reject, lidding foil registration, intermittent motion vertical perforation for lengthwise, crosscut or both perforation, complete pvc/alu format turning device for coated/uncoated oblongs, discharge belt connection to cartoning machine.
Maximum roll diameter of 400mm on 70 – 76mm cores.
Top foil diameter rolls to 250mm on 70 – 76mm core.
OAD 33’L x 6’W x 6’H Tooling at additional cost subject to final samples.

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