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Form and Fill Volumetric- a form-fill-seal machine (form, fill, and seal) with a volumetric filling head to meter the product into the pouch. A volumetric filling head uses a given size cup to measure out the proper volume of product. The product is metered from a hopper into the cup (the cup is filled to the top). Once the cup is filled, it indexes until it is discharged into the container. Different size cups can be outfitted to the machine to change the volume of product that is measured. (Picture running a knife over the top of a measuring cup to ensure the proper volume is measured.) Form-fill-seal (form, fill, and seal) machines form a pouch from a flat web of film of heat sealable film and insert product into the pouch before sealing the pouch. Horizontal form-fill-seal machines fold incoming film in half length-wise. The machines then seal and cut the sides of the pouch to a specific length. The two side seals and the bottom fold forms an open top pouch. The pouch is then filled and the top opening sealed. Vertical form-fill-seal machines wrap incoming film around a tube. The two edges of the film are sealed together to form a tube of film. The bottom of the tube is sealed, the product is filled into the pouch, and the top of the tube of film is seal and cut from the rest of the tube of film.

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