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Form and Fill Volumetric- a form-fill-seal machine (form, fill, and seal) with a volumetric filling head to meter the product into the pouch. A volumetric filling head uses a given size cup to measure out the proper volume of product. The product is metered from a hopper into the cup (the cup is filled to the top). Once the cup is filled, it indexes until it is discharged into the container. Different size cups can be outfitted to the machine to change the volume of product that is measured. (Picture running a knife over the top of a measuring cup to ensure the proper volume is measured.) Form-fill-seal (form, fill, and seal) machines form a pouch from a flat web of film of heat sealable film and insert product into the pouch before sealing the pouch. Horizontal form-fill-seal machines fold incoming film in half length-wise. The machines then seal and cut the sides of the pouch to a specific length. The two side seals and the bottom fold forms an open top pouch. The pouch is then filled and the top opening sealed. Vertical form-fill-seal machines wrap incoming film around a tube. The two edges of the film are sealed together to form a tube of film. The bottom of the tube is sealed, the product is filled into the pouch, and the top of the tube of film is seal and cut from the rest of the tube of film.

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Jones Form & Fill Volumetric PK2000

  • Manufacturer: Jones
  • Model Number: PK2000
  • Frain Number: 5J0170

Jones Model PK2000 Pouch King, High speed, continuous motion, horizontal form, fill and seal stand up pouch machine with pouches per minute – depending on marterials and application Equipped with powder fill turret and servo drive, currently, set on 4-3/4" centers for 4-3/4" wide x 6-1/2" tall pouch with 3/4" stand up gusset. Pouches are made from film stock with unwind stand, film is pulled from the rollers thru a forming plow that folds the roll stock length wise to form a pouch strip which is then wrapped at 180 degree’s around the vertical heated rotary drum sealer to the vacuum transfer wheels that open the pouch strip and takes them to granular powder fill turret with 44 head rotary filling spouts. Filled pouch strips are then pulled thru top heat sealing bars, then turned 90 degress to 15 rotary knife assembly that cuts the pouch strip into individual pouches, then pass thru Festoon section which will count pouches entering and exiting and accumulate pouches whenever downstream stops or slows down, has pouch discharge conveyors and the film feed includes Fife web alignment and 15 Hp vacuum pump. Control panel has A/B PLC controller with swing arm panel view controls and jog, start, stop, e-stop controls. Mounted on heavy duty frame with safety guarding.

Optional printed film registration and delta bottom gusset hole punch at additonal cost.

OAD: 482" L x 104" W x 96" H

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Cloud Packaging Form & Fill Volumetric SC24

Cloud, Model SC24, Horizontal, stainless steel, continuous motion, form / fill / seal machine. Rated from 100 to 800 pouches per minute – depending on materials and application. Set on 2-(7/8)" fixed centers film rollers. Pouches are made from roll stock called a web which is pulled from the rollers thru a forming plow that folds web lengthwise to form a pouch web strip which is then wrapped 180 Deg around a heated rotary drum sealer currently set on 2-(7/8)" centers to vertically heat seal web strip, vacuum transfer wheel takes web strip to the 24-station rotary powder or granular filler, the filled web strip is then pulled thru 9" long top heat sealing bar, to rotary knife wheel that cuts the web strip into individual pouches and a 8" wide x 50" long discharge conveyor.

OAD: 140"L x 49"W x 61"H

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