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Form and Fill Towelette is a machine which uses one or two rolls of film to create pouches. Form and fill towelette machine inserts towelettes or small pads of material into the pouch and can insert drops of liquid into the pouch along with the towelette. As an example of what form and fill towelette machines are capable of, picture moist towelette wipes at restaurants

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Circle Form & Fill Towelette V12BUS5

  • Manufacturer: Circle
  • Model Number: V12BUS5
  • Frain Number: 5D9542

Circle Model V12BUS5, automatic, vertical, form / fill / seal machine rated from 10 to 70 cycles per minute (5 pouches per cycle) – depending on materials and application. Pouches: 2-1/8" long minimum x 2" wide minimum. Has 12-3/4" wide horizontal sealing jaw, single roll film up to 25" wide, film registration, no-fold pad roll stock cut-off, five 3mL liquid injection pistons, quench seal jaws, air knife, 1-cup vacuum reciprocating pouch pick-off, E-stop, temperature controllers and barrier guarding. Mounted on 4 leg frame. Last running 2- 15/16" long x 2" wide pouch with no-fold pad.

OAD: 81"L x 56"W x 95"H

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Circle Form & Fill Towelette V6B2

  • Manufacturer: Circle
  • Model Number: V6B2
  • Frain Number: 5H4261

Circle, Model V6B2, vertical, 2-up, form fill and seal machine. Rated from 10 to 60 cycles per minute – depending on materials and application. Pouch size range: 2¼" to Unlimited in Length; 1" to 7" in Width. Equipped with film slitter, registration, tension assist, film assist pull wheels, 2-up towelette inserter, liquid filling system, tear notch punch, (4) lobe horizontal cross seal arbors, side sealers, cross cut knife. Control panel with visual display. Film specifications: up to 16" in Width; up to 14" in diameter; 3" core. Mounted on height adjustable base frame.

OAD: 70"L x 60"W x 85"H

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