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Drais Mill Ball & Pebble PML V+H

  • Manufacturer: Drais
  • Model Number: PML V+H
  • Frain Number: 5B9904

Automatic, continuous operation, ultrafine wet grinding laboratory model. Has 1.2 liter 316 S/S product chamber, perforated 316 S/S disc agitator, jacketed chamber, 90-degree operating range, grinding media from 250 nano-meters to 2mm, 20 psi max grinding chamber, 45 psi max cooling system, S/S collecting pan for media, frictional gap size of 0.1 mm, E-stop, and variable frequency drive controller. Mounted on epoxy coated frame with casters.

OAD: 42"L x 29"W x 68"H

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Morehouse Cowles Mill Ball & Pebble 10-25PX

Morehouse Cowles Model 10-25P, single vessel pressure media mill, single pass, rated from 35 to 225 gallons per hour – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Equipped with 12" OD x 40" long grinding chamber with 1-1/2" ID threaded top port and 1-1/2" ID threaded bottom port, chamber contains (12) parallel 10" OD agitator disks mounted on a high speed shaft and when the shaft is spinning high energy is produced by the disks to the media and when product is added the motion of the disks and grinding media produce high impact force that uniformly deagglomerates product to any specified size or finish. Full water jacket used as needed to keep product warm or cold per application is rated at 50 psi, 9" OD diaphragm pump moves product through the grinding chamber, enters the bottom and is ground by the media as it rises through the chamber and exits through the 8" OD top hat screen. Driven by top mounted 30 Hp (4) V-belt motor drive, with start, stop, e-stop push button controls pressure / temperature gauges.
Gross Volume:15 gallons
Typical Media Load: 55-60% of Total Gross Volume
Media required per application.

OAD: 58" L x 36" W x 90" H

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