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Hammer mills use rotating hammer or knives to break-up wet or dry product that has been fed into the chamber of the machine. The rotating hammers or knives in the chamber of a hammer mill reduce the side of the product by impacting the product and by forcing the product to impact the interior of the chamber. The hammers within the chamber of a hammer are sized so that the end of the hammer almost impacts the interior wall of the chamber. A hammer mill has a screen to form the bottom of the chamber. Once the product has been reduced to the proper size, the product falls through the screen below the chamber. The screen can be changed to allow.

Hammer mills can be designed with different numbers of hammers or blades. The proper number of hammers or blades for an application is based the product that is to be processed, the size reduction necessary from the hammer mill, the volume that the hammer mill must process, and other specifications of the application. The hammers in a hammer mill can also have different features. The hammers can have knife edges, blunt (impact) edges, or a knife edge and a blunt edge. The type of hammer needed for the application is based on the type of product that is to be processed by the hammer mill. Hammer mills can also have fixed or swinging hammers or blades.

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Hammer Equipment In Stock

Fitzmill Mill Hammer D6

  • Manufacturer: Fitzmill
  • Model Number: D6
  • Frain Number: 5G0347

Stainless steel hammer mill designed for various types of product reductions – volumes and operating speeds depending on materials and application. Equipped with 24"L x 18"W stainless steel feed pan with a 6" x 4" product port and 6" x 11" reduction throat. 16 swing knife/impact blades, bolt down safety cover, screen area of 6"W x 24"L with 5" W x 9"L bottom product discharge with 36” floor clearance, push button start/stop and 5 hp motor drive. Mounted on casters for mobility.

OAD: 48"L x 28"W x 58"H

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Fitzmill Mill Hammer DKAS012

  • Manufacturer: Fitzmill
  • Model Number: DKAS012
  • Frain Number: 5G2495

Fitzmill Model DKASO12, 32 fixed blade stainless steel comminutor mill with product volume per hour – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Equipped with 14" wide x 12" long product hopper, 32 fixed blade knives, 15" wide x 13"L discharge chute tapered down to 4-1/2"OD discharge with 22" discharge height. 60 Hp motor drive with Interlock safety guarding. Mounted on stainless steel base frame.

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Fitzmill Mill Hammer FAS012

  • Manufacturer: Fitzmill
  • Model Number: FAS012
  • Frain Number: 5G2466

Fitzmill, Model FAS012, continuous mill. Equipped with (24) #625 fixed serrated blades mounted on a reversible rotor, 15" long x 12" wide stainless steel product chamber, 12"L x 7"W bottom discharge with 58" ground clearance. Horizontal inlet feed throat with 3-1/2" flanged (2" id )connection and limit switch. Volume per hour dependant on materials, application and machine configuration. Powered by 60 Hp motor. Mounted on stainless steel frame.

OAD: 68" x 54" x 96" H

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Corenco, Inc Mill Hammer M12DA

  • Manufacturer: Corenco, Inc
  • Model Number: M12DA
  • Frain Number: 5G0000

Corenco Model M12DA Disintegrator with volumes per hour – depending on materials and application. Equipped with 14" OD: 10-1/2" ID flanged product in feed port with (4) 3/8" bolt holes on 9" centers, and 11" OD fixed impeller housed in 21" OD, 17" ID reduction chamber with 360 deg screen (change part per application) which is held between the housing cradle and has hinged swing open access door, rear mounted motor drive,10-3/4" long x 2-1/2" wide discharge chute and is mounted on heavy duty base frame. Used for high-speed shredding and wet grinding of fibrous and other tough materials, also used for fine pulping dispersing and homogenizing.

OAD: 48" L x 30" W x 34" H

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Jacobson Machine Works Mill Hammer 16H

Jacobson Machine Works Model 16H, heavy duty, air swept design, pulverizer capable of reducing edible, or non edible materials, down to 5 microns, with production rates – dependent on materials and application. Equipped with 18" OD, 16" ID x 9" Deep reduction chamber, with flip open bolt down door, 16" OD, stainless steel, inner chamber rotor with (16) 2" L x 2" W fixed hammers and a ridged outer beater plate, with tip speeds up to 28,000 ft @ minute and reduction sizes from 20 to -325 mesh, down to 5 microns dependent on application. 5 3/4" OD air inlet product in feed and 5" OD air outlet ports, 8" x 8" OD, 5" x 5" ID flanged product discharge port with (4) 1/2 bolt holes on 7" centers, 50 Hp belt driven motor drive, with air requirements of 400 – 700 cfm, static pressure H2O of 10" – 40" Mounted on heavy duty platform style base frame.

OAD: 58" L x 56" W x 46" H

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Mikro Mill Hammer 2LH Pulverizer, triple screw fed, 1 1/2" infeed

  • Manufacturer: Mikro
  • Model Number: 2LH
  • Frain Number: 5D2936

Mikro Pulverizer, Model 2LH, hammer mill with carbon steel contact parts. Production rates per hour – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Equipped with a 6" x 3½" feed throat, (3) 1½" diameter feed augers powered by a 1 HP drive and (12) 6" wide swinging impact hammers powered by a 10 HP drive. Reduced product discharge is 25" diameter with 50" ground clearance.

OAD: 62"L x 53"W x 66"H

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Fitzmill Mill Hammer DAS06

  • Manufacturer: Fitzmill
  • Model Number: DAS06
  • Frain Number: 5D2161

316 S/S variable speed hammer mill. Equipped with 16 blades, knife / impact, 4" auger feed screw, 12" x 12" feed chute and an 11" L X 6" chamber. Type 225 fixed 420 S/S blades w/reversible blunt or knife edge. Discharge height of 36".

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Fluid Air Mill Hammer 003

  • Manufacturer: Fluid Air
  • Model Number: 003
  • Frain Number: 5F6676

Fluid Air Model 003, stainless steel comminuting mill with volumes of product per minute or hour – depending on material and application. Equipped with feed hopper and pneumatic vibratory feeder, capable of handling both wet or dry products and reduce up to 40 microns. Blade shape is flat for impacting hard materials and fine grinding and round for breaking apart soft or wet materials. Reversing blades is done by flip of a switch. Thru put factor .39, maximum speed 5600 rpm, maximum tip speed 21,000 feet per minute, variable frequency drive controls. Screen area of 56 square inches. Mounted on (4) stainless steel legs with locking casters.

OAD: 45" L x 25" W x 81" H

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