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Shrink wrapping equipment or shrink packaging equipment is designed to package products or packages within a film that is subsequently heat shrunk around the product or package to create a very tight seal with the package.

Shrink wrapping is sometimes used as the primary packaging. Some individual foods, soaps and other products may be wrapped directly. More commonly shrink wrapping is used as a secondary or tertiary packaging. An example of secondary use is shrink wrapped six-packs of beverage cans or 24 pack bundles of water.

Wrapping is also commonly used as a tertiary packaging such as overwrapping an individual carton or bundle of cartons. In the past, appearance of the tertiary packaging has not been considered critical important as the customer never saw it. The rise of club stores like Costco and Sam’s Club has changed this. The 6 pack of canned corn is now the unit of sale in these stores and appearance has become critical to branding. Previously translucent grey film was fine since nobody outside of the stockroom was likely to see it. Now, glossy film with registered graphics is needed to catch the customer’s eye using bullseye or end seal wrapping. This affects the choices of machinery that can be used.

Download the complete Shrink Wrapping Whitepaper to continue learning about different types of wrappers.

One important consideration when selecting the proper a shrink packaging machine is the type of shrink package that is desired around the product. L-bar sealer shrink packaging equipment forms a film seal around a product that has three side seams, one the front of the package and one on each side of the package. Flow thru shrink packaging equipment forms a shrink film package from a single roll of shrink film that has an overlapped shrink film seal underneath the package and a cross seal on the front and back sides of the package. Shrink bundler packaging equipment forms a shrink film package around the product from two rolls of shrink film which has cross seam across the front and back sides of the package and openings in the film package on the left and right sides of the package.

Once a product has been wrapped in shrink film, the product passes through a heat shrink tunnel. The heat from the heat shrink tunnel causes the film to shrink around the product forming a tight package around the product.

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Conflex Shrink Flow Thru CW160

  • Manufacturer: Conflex
  • Model Number: CW160
  • Frain Number: 5H5335

Conflex Model CW160, automatic, mechanical, continuous motion, shrink wrapper and lap sealer, rated up to 100′ per minute with number of product – depending on materials and application. Package size range: 3" to 36" in Length x 2" to 15" in Width x 1/8" to 5" in Height. Equipped with 72" long lugged chain in feed set on 16" centers with 16" wide seal jaws and bottom static lap seal, heated rotary knife cut off, pin wheel perferator, vacuum transfer belt, powered film unwind and vacuum pump. Maximum film width of 34" Maximimm roll diameter of 13". Control panel has jaw heater controls and start, stop, e-stop push buttons. Mounted on base frame heavy duty base frame.

OAD: 108" L x 52" W x 66" H

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Feldmeier Cleaner CIP/COP 1 TANK CIP

  • Manufacturer: Feldmeier
  • Model Number: 1 TANK CIP
  • Frain Number: R30900

Feldmeier, platform mounted, stainless steel, CIP system. Equipped with 36" diameter x 45" deep 200 gallon single wall 316 stainless steel holding tank with 2"ID overflow connection and 2½"OD / 2"ID Tri-clamp style water charge. Vessel discharges into Ampco, model LCV520-252-21, centrifugal recirculation pump powered by 10 hp motor drive. The pump brings fluid through a tube in shell heat exchange before discharging to a 3½"ID / 3"OD Tri-clamp CIP supply line. Control panel with an AB PLC and PanelView touch screen HMI. Mounted on stainless steel platformstyle base.

Nat’l Brd: 4003
MAWP: 150 PSI @ 350°F (Vessel)
MDMT: -20°F @ 150 PSI (Vessel)
MAWP: 150 PSI @ 350°F (Jacket)
MDMT: -20°F @ 150 PSI (Jacket)

OAD: 96"L x 65"W x 108"H

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Poly Pak Shrink Bundler PH24

  • Manufacturer: Poly Pak
  • Model Number: PH24
  • Frain Number: 5D4835

Fully automatic stainless steel up stacking shrink bundler rated from 10 to 25 bundles per minute – depending on materials and application. Bundle size range: to 11"L x 17 1/4"W x 9.5"H. Maximum film width: 24". Features: 19 3/4" (W) in-feed w/an automatic up stacking collator.
Heat tunnel aperture 28" (W) x 14" (H) and length of 40". Additional features Allen Bradley plc with an Allen Bradley Dataliner display, Siko gauge on width adjustment, adjustable seal bar timer, temperature control, and tunnel temperature, low film sensors, perforation knife for easy bundle opening, and a cooling fan. Left to right product feed. Mounted on casters and leveling legs for easy mobility. Last running bundled cosmetics. Set for polyethylene film to seal a bull’s-eye package.

OAD: (L) 194" x (W) 50" x (H) 80"

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Shanklin Shrink Flow Thru HS2

  • Manufacturer: Shanklin
  • Model Number: HS2
  • Frain Number: 5D9591

Semi-automatic, flow-thru shrink wrapper capable of up to 120 linear feet per minute. Packages: (3" – 60")L x (2" – 16")W x (3/8" – 6")H. Has 18′ long dual chain adjustable lug in feed, 19" wide wire cross seal jaw, film perf wheel, 40" max film width, 34"L x 16"W vacuum transfer belt (forming box to cross seal), E-stop, Allen Bradley PLC, three temperature controllers, integrated vacuum pump, and barrier guarding with electrical interlock.

OAD: 292"L x 57"W x 70"H

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Klenzade Cleaner CIP/COP CIP

  • Manufacturer: Klenzade
  • Model Number: CIP
  • Frain Number: 5E1923

Clean-in-place tank features two tanks, one measuring 30" L x 20" W x 40" H, 100 gallons with one 24" x 14" manway and three, 2" sanitary discharges. One 40" L x 30" W x 40" H, 205 gallons and a 28" x 18" manway and three, 2" sanitary discharges. Equipped with a 10 Hp. centrifical pump, used to pump cleaning solution then rinse water to outside tank for cleaning process. Mounted on stainless steel platform.

OAD: 116" L x 34" W x 90" H

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Great Lakes Shrink Flow Thru TS37 Side Seal, 16"W x 6"H, 80fpm, 70cpm

  • Manufacturer: Great Lakes
  • Model Number: TS37
  • Frain Number: 5E1600

Automatic, continuous motion side seal horizontal wrapper rated from 20 to 70 ppm – depending on materials and application. Product size range: 2" – infinite" in Length; up to 16" in Width; up to 6" in Height. Equipped with 7′ lugged in feed, walking beam cross seal jaw, side seal, perforation wheels, scrap removal, lexan guarding and E-stops. Tunnel aperture is10" H by 22" W with 20" W by 72" L mesh belt and 36" conveyor height.
Maximum roll diameter: 14" Maximum film width: 37"

OAD: 252" L x 58" W x 60" H Wrapper and Tunnel

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Arpac Shrink Bundler 2058-16

  • Manufacturer: Arpac
  • Model Number: 2058-16
  • Frain Number: 5E1310

Dual lane bundler rated from 20 to 60 bundles per minute – depending on materials and application. Single lane in-feed diverted into dual lane. Equipped with dual 16" web rolls, dual 20" seal jaws with top hold downs and infeed dimensions of 36"L x 5"W product belt with a 11"H x 38"L aperture with 80"L dual zone heat chamber. Equipped with two 7-1/2"W x 62"L discharge conveyors with protective safety screen guarding, temperature controls,cooling fans and no product / no bundle.

OAD: 198"L x 65"W x 74"H

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Shanklin Shrink Flow Thru HS3

  • Manufacturer: Shanklin
  • Model Number: HS3
  • Frain Number: 5E0781

Automatic high speed, flow thru side seal shrink wrapper capable of speeds from 10 to 200 ppm – depending on materials and application. Package size range of : 2" – 15" in Length; 2" – 16" in Width; 1/8 – 3" in Height. Equipped with lugged product in feed, perf wheel, 16" wide cross seal, scrap film rewind and discharge conveyor. A/B controller. Film rolls up to 28" wide x 12" diameter.

OAD: 144" L x 52" W x 56" H

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Arpac Shrink Bundler 55GI20CX

  • Manufacturer: Arpac
  • Model Number: 55GI20CX
  • Frain Number: R28042

Arpac, Model 55GI-20CX, Inline, continuous motion, shrink bundler. Rated from 10 to 55 bundles per minute – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Equipped with 13" wide x 36" long in feed conveyor, (2) 21" wide film roll holders with film splicing stations, film hoist, 21" wide walking beam seal jaws with 11" vertical travel and 13" wide x 26" long transfer conveyor to shrink tunnel. 70" long single zone shrink tunnel has 21” wide x 16" high total aperture, 90" long x 20½" wide product conveyor, cooling fan and roller side compression on discharge. Control panel with AB controller, touch pad controls with readout, start / stop / e-stop / manual seal push button controls and digital temperature controls for seal bar and tunnel. Mounted on heavy duty base frame.

OAD: 167"L x 60"W x 105"H

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Poly Pak Shrink Bundler PH16

  • Manufacturer: Poly Pak
  • Model Number: PH16
  • Frain Number: 5D1921

Automatic stainless steel shrink bundler rated from 5 to 30 bundles per minute – depending on materials and application. Bundle size range: up to 8" L x 14.5" W x 10" H. Heat tunnel dimensions: 18" W x 14" H x 40" L. Equipped with a 6" W x 120" L right angle in feed. Features Allen Bradley PLC. Set to run polyethylene film and do a sleeve wrap package.
Maximum film width: 16" Mounted on casters.

OAD: 204" L x 44" W x 84" H

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Shanklin Shrink Flow Thru HS4S

  • Manufacturer: Shanklin
  • Model Number: HS4S
  • Frain Number: 5H3560

Automatic high speed flow through wrapper rated up to 200 feet per minute. Size range: 2" to 15" in length; 2" to 16" in width; 3/8" to 3" in height. Equipped with 12" centers, 18"W walking beam seal bar, 16"W vacuum conveyor and discharging at 38". Also features, AB PLC, control panel that includes pkg/min, in/min, variable speed conveyor, heat seal, single multiple, reverse/forward, film tensioner, 27"L x 10-1/2"W neoprene infeed conveyor, max film width 40" flat / single wound, static seal, hot wire transverse seal

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Skinetta Shrink Bundler ASK200

  • Manufacturer: Skinetta
  • Model Number: ASK200
  • Frain Number: 5H4577

Skinetta, Model ASK200, automatic, intermittent motion shrink bundler. Rated from 4 to 18 cycles per minute with number of packages – depending on materials, application and pack pattern. Maximum bundle size: 30mm to 75mm long x 30mm to 105mm wide x 100mm high. Equipped with right angle in feed conveyor with upstacking , 8" wide heat seal jaws, top and bottom film rolls for up to 10" wide film and 6½" wide x 38 long in feed conveyor. Control panel has Allen Bradley panel view 600 controller with reset, on/off, e-stop and gages for working pressure pack clamp and stretching roller with statis light bar and safety gaurding. Mounted on base frame.

OAD: 88"L x 48"W x 73"H

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