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Shrink wrapping equipment or shrink packaging equipment is designed to package products or packages within a film that is subsequently heat shrunk around the product or package to create a very tight seal with the package.

Shrink wrapping is sometimes used as the primary packaging. Some individual foods, soaps and other products may be wrapped directly. More commonly shrink wrapping is used as a secondary or tertiary packaging. An example of secondary use is shrink wrapped six-packs of beverage cans or 24 pack bundles of water.

Wrapping is also commonly used as a tertiary packaging such as overwrapping an individual carton or bundle of cartons. In the past, appearance of the tertiary packaging has not been considered critical important as the customer never saw it. The rise of club stores like Costco and Sam’s Club has changed this. The 6 pack of canned corn is now the unit of sale in these stores and appearance has become critical to branding. Previously translucent grey film was fine since nobody outside of the stockroom was likely to see it. Now, glossy film with registered graphics is needed to catch the customer’s eye using bullseye or end seal wrapping. This affects the choices of machinery that can be used.

Download the complete Shrink Wrapping Whitepaper to continue learning about different types of wrappers.

One important consideration when selecting the proper a shrink packaging machine is the type of shrink package that is desired around the product. L-bar sealer shrink packaging equipment forms a film seal around a product that has three side seams, one the front of the package and one on each side of the package. Flow thru shrink packaging equipment forms a shrink film package from a single roll of shrink film that has an overlapped shrink film seal underneath the package and a cross seal on the front and back sides of the package. Shrink bundler packaging equipment forms a shrink film package around the product from two rolls of shrink film which has cross seam across the front and back sides of the package and openings in the film package on the left and right sides of the package.

Once a product has been wrapped in shrink film, the product passes through a heat shrink tunnel. The heat from the heat shrink tunnel causes the film to shrink around the product forming a tight package around the product.

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Great Lakes Shrink Flow Thru TS37

  • Manufacturer: Great Lakes
  • Model Number: TS37
  • Frain Number: 5F4430

Automatic, horizontal, continuous motion, side seal shrink wrapper capable of doing up to 80 linear feet or 70 products per minute – depending on materials and application. Product size range: 2" – infinite" in Length ; up to 16" in Width ; up to 6" in Height. Equipped with a 95" long x 15" wide adjustable infeed conveyor, 50" long x 9-1/2" wide product in feed conveyor, 17" long horizontal seal jaw, 12" long side seal, 22" long x 9-1/2" wide discharge conveyor, perf and scrap removal wheels, A/B controller with panel view and safety guarding. Max film width of 37" with max 10" roll diameter on a 3" diameter core.

OAD: 198" long x 60" wide x 55" high

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Poly Pak Shrink Flow Thru FIL1632CVL

  • Manufacturer: Poly Pak
  • Model Number: FIL1632CVL
  • Frain Number: 5C1954

Poly Pak, Intermittent motion, S/S inline shrink wrapper rated from 5 to 25 ppm – depending on materials and application. Size range to 10" wide by 10"H. Equipped with 24" long by 10" wide infeed conveyor, 18" wide by 10" high sealing jaw, fixed forming plow and dual zone tunnel with 14" by 14" aperture. Additional features include AB PLC, "product gap too small" detection, interlocking guarding, low film indicator and side mounted dual shaft film unwind stand.
Mounted on casters.
Film up to 32" wide.

OAD: 173"L x 44"W x 81"H

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Skinetta Shrink Bundler ASK300

  • Manufacturer: Skinetta
  • Model Number: ASK300
  • Frain Number: 5C1191

Skinetta ASK300, Automatically stacks and stretch wraps groups of product (blisters, cartons, ect.) at a rate of 10 to 32 cycles per minute – depending on materials and application. Product size range: 50mm to 200mm; 75mm to 200mm; stack to 11"H . Equipped with Seiko gauges and optional leaflet inserter.
Capable of using PE, PP, and PVC films.

OAD=132"L x 48"W x 76"H

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Arpac Shrink Bundler 65TW-28

  • Manufacturer: Arpac
  • Model Number: 65TW-28
  • Frain Number: 5G2871

Arpac Model 65TW-28, inline, shrink tray bundler and tunnel rated from 10 to 65 bundles per minute – depending on material and application. Size range: 6" to 16" in Length; 6" to 18" in Width; 2" to 10" in Height. Equipped with 68" long x 19" wide Flexlink in feed conveyor with rotary flight bar indexing feed system with 27" wide flight bar on 24" centers,
27" long top and bottom film rolls with side film splice stations, 29" wide seal jaw with 10" vertical travel and 28" long 17" wide flexlink transfer conveyor from bundler to tunnel. Control panel with A/B vari speed controller has swing arm touch pad controls with start, stop, jog and e-stop push buttons, seal bar and (2) zone shrink tunnel temperature controls, interlock safety guarding and statis light bar.
Tunnel, Dual zone with 32" wide x 16-1/2" high total aperture; 105" long shrink chamber, 148" long x 29" wide flex link product conveyor, with top rear cooling fan. Both mounted on common heavy duty base frame.

OAD: 280" L x 80" W x 99" H

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Douglas Machine Inc Shrink Bundler SR/624

Automatic, inline, shrink bundler. Bundle: Equipped bottom film carriage with indexing system, registration, 36" long x 24" wide rotary arm wrap station, interlocking Lexan safety guarding and A/B PLC with visual display. Film specifications: up to 24" in Width; up to 16" in Diameter; 3" core.
Tunnel: Equipped with a 30" wide x 12" high aperture, 72" long dual zone heating chamber, 108" long x 28" wide conveyor, and variable temperature controls. Rated from 10 to 35 bundles per minute – dependant on materials and application.

OAD: 120" L x 64" W x 72" H

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Arpac Shrink Bundler 112-20

  • Manufacturer: Arpac
  • Model Number: 112-20
  • Frain Number: 5F3850

Automatic, inline, shrink bundler rated 5 to 25 bundles per minute – depending on materials and application. Equipped with a 12" wide x 20" long Delrin infeed conveyor, 7" long roller transfer, 20" wide seal jaw with 6-1/2" of vertical travel, 9" long x 9" wide top hold down above a 12" wide x 9" long Delrin transfer conveyor. Tunnel dimensions: 22-1/2" Wide x 15" High aperture; 60" in Length. Equipped with a 20-3/4" wide x 117" long conveyor, top center blower, air flow controls, and an adjustable angle cooling fan at the discharge. Additionally features interlocking Lexan safety guarding, top and bottom film carriages, and variable temperature/speed controls.

OAD: 154"L x 51"W x 76"H

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Douglas Machine Inc Shrink Bundler METERED SR10/1224

Automatic registered inline shrink bundling system rated from 20 to 70 bundles per minute – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Bundle size range: 5-1/16" to 10-5/8" in Length; 5-1/16" to 14-1/4" in Width; 9-1/8" to 12-1/8" in Height. Equipped with 160" long x 30" wide infeed conveyor with adjustable dividers, 56" long transfer conveyor with static dividers, 72" long two chain indexing system set on 24" centers, bottom film carriage with optional film splitting device, film registration, 10-1/2" of vertical travel, A/B PLC and a 64" long discharge conveyor to shrink tunnel.
Tunnel dimensions: 31" wide x 16" High aperture; 144" in Length. Equipped with a 28" wide x 174" long flexlink conveyor, three zone chamber with three top mounted blowers, individual zone temperature controls, 192" long x 28" wide cooling conveyor with one cooling fan.

OAD: 718" L x 66" W x 88" H

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Sergeant Shrink Bundler 8034

  • Manufacturer: Sergeant
  • Model Number: 8034
  • Frain Number: 5F3200

Semi-automatic, inline shrink bundler. Equipped with a stainless steel loading station, 34" wide seal jaw with 15.5" of vertical travel and a 36" wide by 53" long discharge conveyor. Film specifications: up to 36" in width; up to 12" in diameter; 3" core. Rate / Speed dependant on materials, application, machine configuration and operator dexterity.

OAD: 53" L x 56" W x 77" H

Sergeant Model 2414, automatic shrink tunnel, with conveyor speeds from 0 to 111.5 feet per minute with number of product – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Equipped with 24" in Width x 14" in Height apeture; 42" in Length heat chamber, with 60" long x 22" wide live roller conveyor, with 22" long 3/4" OD rollers, on 1-1/4" centers and 1/2" gaps with 30" infeed / discharge height. Controller with machine power on / off, air velocity high / low switches, heat controller and variable speed conveyor control dials and is mounted on base frame with casters.

OAD: 60" L x 36" W x 60" H "

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Arpac Shrink Flow Thru A2H

  • Manufacturer: Arpac
  • Model Number: A2H
  • Frain Number: 5F3150

Automatic, continuous motion shrink wrapper rated up to 50 wraps per minute – depending on materials and application. Equipped with a 15" wide x 24" long servo driven infeed conveyor, 18" wide x 40" long vacuum conveyor, lap seal, 21" walking jaw cross seal with 6" of vertical travel, 18" wide x 40" long transfer, Package dimensions: length 3" – 50", Width 2" – 18" wide x 1/8" – 6" High. Gast vacuum pump, A/B PLC, and a touch pad operator interface with LED display.
Tunnel dimensions: 29" wide x 14" high aperture; 68" in Length. Equipped with a 20" wide x 96" long conveyor, top center mounted blower, directional air flow controls, cooling fan, and variable speed / temperature controls. Mounted on height adjustable legs with current infeed/discharge height of 37".

OAD: 176" L x 60" W x 74" H

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Texwrap Shrink Auto L Bar 2218

  • Manufacturer: Texwrap
  • Model Number: 2218
  • Frain Number: 5F3043

Automatic, L Bar sealer. Package size: up to 21" in Length; up to 17" in Width; up to 8" in Height. Equipped with a 37" long by 15" wide infeed conveyor, perforated wheel, 22" long by 18" wide seal Bar, 29" long discharge conveyor, variable temperature controls, product sensors, scrap removal, and emergency stop. Speed dependant on materials, application and machine configuration. Mounted on casters.

OAD: 78"L x 42"W x 64"H

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Conflex Shrink Flow Thru CRW160

  • Manufacturer: Conflex
  • Model Number: CRW160
  • Frain Number: 5F2191

Continuous motion, servo driven, flow thru shrink wrapper rated up to 100 feet per minute. Package size range: 3" to infinite in Length; 2" to 13-1/2" in Width; 1/8" to 7-1/2" In Height. Equipped with 48" long double eagle belt product in feed to a 72" long lugged feed conveyor, powered film unwind, pin wheel perforator, forming plow, static lap seal, 16" wide reciprocating hot knife seal jaws with safety guarding, vacuum transfer belts, digital read out, rate indicator, ratio selector, conveyor speed controller and self contained vacuum pump. Film Specs: up to 38 " in width, up to 13" in diameter on a 3" core. Change parts required to accommodate size range.

OAD: 168" L x 60" W x 74" H

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Arpac Shrink Bundler 10828

  • Manufacturer: Arpac
  • Model Number: 10828
  • Frain Number: 5F2031

Automatic, right angle, shrink bundler rated 10 to 20 bundles per minute – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Equipped with a 10" wide x 60" long stainless steel powered roller infeed conveyor, product pusher, 29" wide seal jaw with 12" of vertical travel, top hold down, and two 5" wide x 16" long transfer conveyors to a shrink tunnel.
Tunnel dimensions: 33" wide x 15" high aperture; 100" in Length. Equipped with a 26" wide x 144" long mesh conveyor belt, top center blower, rear cooling blower, and two side compression rollers. Additionally features an A/B PLC and variable temperature and speed controls.

OAD: 254" L x 56" W x 80" H

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