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inline spindle capperFrain Industries is the world leader in providing used capping machine and equipment solutions.  Frain carries several types of cappers covering a wide range of caps including metal, plastic, screw, lug, roll-on, crimp-on, press-on, plastic shrink, plugs, fitments, inner seals.  Additionally there are many types of capping systems depending on the container and cap type.

Frain Industries offers capping equipment and machines in semi-automatic and automatic capper configuration, intermittent or continuous motion, as well as inline and rotary.  The Frain engineering team can design a capping solution based on your product, application, line speed, and line integration requirements.

  • Chuck Capping Machines
  • Spindle / Screw Capping Machines
  • Cap Tighteners / Retorquers
  • Snap Capping Machines
  • Roll Over Pilfer Proof Capping Machines
  • Press / Push-On Capping Machines
  • Pump (Trigger Pumps, Dosing Pumps) Capping Machines
  • Crimp Capping Machines
  • Crowner Capping Machines
  • Lidding Machines
  • Steam Vacuum Capping Machines

Frain Industries carries used capping machines from many OEM’s including Accutek, Aidlin, Akra Pak, Alcoa, Anderson, Autoprod, Axon, Bausch & Strobel, Consolidated, Cozzoli, Culbro, Del Packaging, Donahower, E Pak, Elf, Enercon, Filamatic, Filma-Seal, Fuju, Groninger, Holmatic, Hoppmann, Hypak, Kalish, Kaps All, King, Kinsley, Kiss Packaging, Krones, Lepel, Marburg, McKenna, Mengibar, Meyer, MRM Elgin, New England, New Jersey, Newman, Owens, Pack West, PDC International, Perry, Pillar, PMC, Pneumatic Scale, PPS, Reed, Resina, SureKap, Swan-Matic, Thiele, US Bottlers, Universal Machine, Weco, West, White Cap, Zalkin , and many others.

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